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Optimizing crop outputs by supporting sustainability in Agriculture


Apeiro AG, What does it mean? Where do the name come from? Apeiro is the Greek word meaning “infinite” or “boundless” and AG is the abbreviation for agriculture. By combining these words, it is clearly visible how we as a team approach the future of agriculture. With all the uncertainty that society faces, there are limitless amounts of opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Apeiro AG is a company that primarily focus on servicing the agricultural chemical industry in terms of Research and Development (R&D) needs in South Africa. The Company specializes in doing statistical field- and demonstrations trials for the bigger Agricultural community.

Our company is always striving to improve traditional methodologies by using the existing ways of working and combine it with new innovative ideas and processes to move the existing boundaries in agriculture. We pride ourselves with exceptional quality and professional services that abides to guidelines of Act 36 of 1947. We take pride in our calling to feed the rising populations of the world by optimizing crop outputs and supporting sustainability in Agriculture.

Our team are experienced in doing herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, adjuvant, micro nutrient, residue, plant growth regulators, bio-stimulants and fertilizer trials. We facilitates quadbike applications, planting of cereals and the harvesting of trails. We have conducted trials for most of the major multinational and generic companies.

Our Services

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Micro Nutrient
Residue Studies
Plant Growth Regulators
Planting & Harvesting

We take pride of our work and are constantly looking to improve our services by applying innovative thinking by combining the best current practices with future solutions to help farmers and producers to feed the constant growing world population on the same quantity of arable land. Make every hectare count...

"Let’s try something new"